Is Red Meat Good For You?

Red meat is widely consumed in Pakistani cuisine, either in the form of BBQ or as an ingredient in traditional dishes such as Biryani. People in Pakistan like Gosht because it is spicy and flavorful. But is red meat still healthy? Let’s figure it out together!

Red Meat Classification

There are two approaches to describe red meat. The first is the red and dark beef. Second, it is muscle meat from ground mammals such as beef, lamb, and duck.

Scientifically, red meat is described as any meat that contains more myoglobin (a type of protein). Beef, lamb, and mutton are the most popular varieties of red meat in Pakistan. People use these to prepare dishes such as sajji, kebab, and kofte, among others.

The Positive Aspect

Red Meat has a high nutritional value. I wouldn’t use the term nutritious because, much of the time, we destroy all of its rich constituents by preparing it wrong. Or, to be more precise, in conjunction with unhealthy foodstuff.

Returning to the rich structure, the most dominant and influential nutrient that it contains is none other than protein. A hundred grams of red meat contain about 27 to 35 grams of protein, which, when eaten properly, helps in our development and well-being. It also assists in cell repair.

A hundred grams of red meat contains 4 to 10 grams of fat. That’s not a lot of gains, so don’t get too worked up about it. Is that correct? So, why do people hate meat and always consider it as a source of bad fat? The solution to this perplexing fact is found in cooking techniques. Continue reading to find out more about the subject. Surprisingly, the fat found in red meat contains CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which assists in weight reduction.

The Negative Aspect

As previously said, red meat poses no danger to the human body in any way. Rather, it is the manner and consistency in which it is consumed that has a significant effect on the body.

Beef and lamb, for example, contain a lot of saturated fat. Consuming these on a frequent and abundant basis can increase risk. This is due to the fact that these, particularly when processed, increase the level of cholesterol.

L-Carnitine is common in red meat. The bacteria in the intestine transform it into a compound named trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO), which causes cholesterol-clogged arteries.

Excessive intake of processed meat can also result in cancer growth. This is because processes such as curing and smoking will produce cancer-causing agents in red meat. According to the study, it has the potential to cause the following forms of cancer:

  1. Colorectal.
  2. Prostate.
  3. Pancreatic.
  4. Stomach.
  5. Breast.

Can the Process of Cooking Make a Difference?

Believe it or not, the way you prepare your food will have a major impact on its nutritional value. Most of us are so engrossed in conventional culinary techniques that we overlook the impact on diet in order to satisfy our taste buds. Similarly, the way you prepare red meat determines whether it is healthy or bad for you.

When red meat is fried over high heat, such as when frying or grilling, it produces certain dangerous chemicals. The high temperatures produce chemicals known as heterocyclic amines and polycyclic hydrocarbon amines, which modify the DNA of the meat.

Animals exposed to these contaminants have developed tumors, according to studies.

As a result, it is advisable to modify our cooking practices in order to prevent the production of such dangerous chemicals. This can be achieved by not cooking meat over open fires and by pre-cooking the meat. Meat should be precooked in the microwave or oven to avoid exposure to high temperatures. Continuous tossing and turning when cooking red meat is another successful process. You should also incorporate some dark leafy vegetables into the red meat dish to boost the nutrients.

While with so many meaty dishes on the table, it’s hard to choose what to eat. Plenty of options to select from is always a hard decision. Making sure the red meat you buy is also from an authentically neat and hygienic clean place. The process the meat comes from is also halal and acceptable to eat. To buy the best quality red meat check out Meat Up for uncompromised hygiene, quality, and affordability. You buy mutton meat online in Karachi as well, just a call away.

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