Tips For Cooking Your Steaks And Chops

Steaks are no less than heaven if you know how to cook them. Everyone, who is a meat-eater, loves eating steaks because they are tasty and juicy if cooked right. However, cooking it properly is no less than an art. You can find these steaks with different recipes and variations around the world. So, make sure you check out our tips for handling steaks and chops before you order your meat online. Let us start with our list to help you become a steak maestro.

Bring your steaks and chops to room temperature

Most of the meat we buy is frozen. The first thing that you should do if you are about to grill your steaks and chops is to make sure that the meat is at room temperature. Leave it out to bring it to room temperature or simply defrost it.

However, there is another way of doing this faster. You can try and put the frozen meat under running tap water. The water at room temperature will boost the defrosting process, and you will have unfrozen tender meat in a matter of minutes.

Dry your steaks before seasoning

Steaks have fat in them, which makes the surface moist. Make sure that you wipe your meat dry before you add your seasoning or spices to it. People tend to add spices to the moist meat, which compromises the all-over flavor of the steak. So, it is best to make sure that the surface of your steak is dry so that the seasonings can sit well on it. Your steak may not turn out as you want if you do not do this in the starting.

Do not season your meat for too long

A common myth that most people follow is that seasoning meat for many hours makes it better. However, a marinating or seasoning time of 4-6 hours is good enough. Anything longer than that is useless.

Secondly, the salt in the seasoning mix will also ruin the texture of the steak and make the meat chewy. So, make sure you add the spices at the right time for the right duration if you want to make your steaks juicy.

Keep the flame high to low

There is a proper way of cooking steaks. The most important thing to control when you cook them is the flame. In order to get the desired steak, avoid cooking it at a high flame.

The raised temperature will overcook your steak, whereas the low heat will make sure it is not undercooked or overcooked. You can also sear your meat into a frying pan and to enhance the quality of it, even more, place it in the oven. This little change will help the spices spread more evenly, making your steak juicy.

Digital thermometer

The best thing about living in modern times is that there is a tool for everything. We have already discussed how essential flame and temperatures are for cooking a good steak. However, you cannot know the temperature of the meat correctly without a thermometer.

Thus, we suggest you use a digital thermometer and keep an eye on the temperatures of the meat while cooking it. It will help you prevent it from being undercooked or overcooked.

Resting your meat is important

One of the biggest mistakes that many people do is that they take out their meat from the fridge and start slicing it down immediately. Doing that is not suggested, as it can ruin the overall quality of the meat when you start cooking it. Allowing it to stay at room temperature for a while makes it tender, which then can be cut easily.

We hope that this guide may assist you in making the best steaks of your life.

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